About I'd Pin That!

What is I'd Pin That?

I'd Pin That was created to help bloggers and non-designers create high quality images like those often seen on Pinterest. The hope is that anyone can quickly and easily create a great pin from the tools provided here to help their blog post attract interest on Pinterest.

The Images

The images on I'd Pin That are provided by and . These images are Public Domain and free of any copyright. They can be edited, distributed and otherwise used as you see fit without the need for attribution.

The Developer

My name is Jesse Michelsen. I'm a Python and PHP developer. I work with WordPress on a daily basis and I created I'd Pin That as an answer to the often asked question, "How do I drive more Pinterest traffic to my blog?"

You can tweet me at @jessethedev

The Code

I'd Pin That is built on the Python microframework, Flask and hosted on Heroku.


I'd Pin That is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. Feel free to browse the code on Github.